Shisha Original water pipe Mood

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Within a small body, there lies a great spirit.

A brand-new concept, which came to life in the works of Shisha Original. MOOD will astonish you with its simple curves, compact design and variable appearences, which reflect your taste and emotions.

Discover your MOOD, discover yourself.

Tobacco bowl

The earthenware tobacco bowl is both an elegant accessory and a component which can be loaded in a variety of ways with tobacco as well as with vaporization pastes. Thanks to its size and shape, the bowl easily fits onto a stainless steel pin protruding out of the porcelain body. The cavity in which the bowl actually sits also provides space for ash that will no longer fly around. You can also boost the efficiency of burning by topping it with our porcelain tarboosh. This will increase the temperature to the desired level.

Porcelain body

The porcelain jewel that houses the steel core was created to amaze. You will certainly notice a special reflection of light which is given by special geometry and which literally radiates the shine and snow whiteness. The large area of the body provides nearly endless space for creativity, with options for sophisticated ornamentation and custom-made patterns. Designing the body of the shisha with such artisanal applications will make it a unique collector’s item.

Hose coupling

Air-tight solution. A stainless steel port safely secures the included hose, on the end of which you will find a steel connector with an o-ring. This guarantees the shisha to be air-tight and allows easy handling.

Wooden handle

The mouthpiece, like no other, is formed by our exceptional wooden handle. It is hand crafted, fits perfectly into each palm. It is made of beautifully patterned woods, such as maple, walnut, cherry and ashwood. The inner part of the handle is made of stainless steel tube, which helps smooth draw and provides pure taste. You will end up not wanting to pass it on to the next smoker in the line.


A robust wooden box houses all components you will need to put the Shisha Original up. The body is locked by two wooden latches lined with plastic foam to secure it in place and prevent damage. Every single part has its own place within the box. The box itself is covered by a sliding wooden lid. It also features hand-woven ropes to provide a good grip and make it easy to carry around.


The cut gem. Our vase was created in cooperation with the experts in Czech glass-making which is recognized throughout the world for the best quality shisha vases. Crystal purity, high resistence and particular motifs are among the main features of our vases. High quality cutting and brushing can make the light break and reflect when penetrating the vase’s walls. This must be seen in real to believe. With its wide top opening lined with stainless steel, it makes cleaning, handling and filling really easy. With light from below and our wooden underplate, it indeed combines ultimate luxury with practicality.


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Shisha Original water pipe Mood

Shisha Original water pipe Mood